Crime doesn’t pay

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If you want to stand out in the crowded sea of online dating, you should write something unique.  One thing you should definitely NOT write is that you’re looking for “your partner in crime”.  I’ve seen this phrase used ad nauseam, and frankly, it’s off-putting.  Fist of all, a reference to criminals should not appear in your profile unless you’re really trying to attract the unsavory type. Secondly, it’s absolutely unoriginal. Seriously, it’s as cliché as wanting a long walk on the beach.

What “crimes” do you need a partner for anyhow?  If you like dancing, just say that.  “Looking for a dance partner.”  The more you actually say in a dating profile, the more likely you’ll match with somebody that has similar interests.  For instance, if a woman writes that she wants to see more of Ireland, I’m way more inclined to match with her as that is something I would like to do as well.

I know you think you’re being a smooth criminal by asking for “your partner in crime”, but it just looks like you spent 5 minutes filling out your bio and really don’t have anything of value to say. If you care so little, don’t expect the people that match with you to be any better.  Also, don’t be surprised when their parole officer shows up to your date.