First Date #31 – How it went

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So, FirstDate31 visited me in Kilkenny the following weekend. We enjoyed the early autumn colors as we strolled around the castle. We then went back to my place, so I could introduce her to Brownie and Linc.  We kissed some more, but we didn’t get too carried away.

For the next two weeks, we stayed in touch by texting. I told her that for my birthday I was going to hire a car, go out of town with Brownie and stay in a hotel/B&B. I asked if she would be interested in me staying close to where she lived so we could stop by for a visit or going somewhere else where she could come with us. She was very hesitant, so I decided to book a room in Birr which would be close to her, but not too close. Honestly, up until the moment she showed up, I wasn’t sure if she was coming or not. Part of it was language and culture, and part of it was something else. She seemed mysterious and evasive for some reason, but I wasn’t questioning it as she was spending time with me.

A few days after our night together, she said that she thought I was losing interest in her. She asked if our time together brought us any closer. She was direct and straight to the point, so she deserved an honest answer. I told her that her positivity was infectious, and she was a beautiful woman, but I wasn’t sure that we had a lot in common. I never heard from her again.

(Last Dated – September 2019)