First Date #45 – How it started

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First Date #45 was with an Irish woman living in County Laois. We matched on Bumble. Shortly after matching, we moved the conversation to WhatsApp. So that she could properly add me to her contacts, she asked my last name and gave me hers. So many women are cautious about giving out any personal information, for good reason, so it was different to have a match offer it up so freely. With actual names confirmed, the stalking could commence. I found out that my match has her own website. I won’t say more about it as it would be easily found with a simple google search. Suffice to say, she has interesting hobbies. And I learned through texting that she had quite a technical job and was fairly nerdy too. It’s nice to match with a fellow nerd as I don’t have to hide any of my nerdy quirks. I’m not saying that I’m ashamed of being a nerd, or that I try to come off as something that I’m not. But I am more comfortable around somebody who can laugh at the following meme:

And like the good nerds we are, we decided to meet on Star Wars Day – May the Fourth (be with you). We met at Kilkenny Castle, got warm beverages and did the obligatory walk around the castle. Restrictions were just starting to ease again, so it was nice to meet. She was similarly nerdy and awkward – just as expected. There were possibilities here, but my expectations have been tempered because of the lack of contact with humans in the last year.

(First Date – 4 May, 2021)