First Date #5 – How it went

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At the second café, it was pretty clear we weren’t compatible.  I mentioned voting for and being thrilled that Ireland had voted to repeal the 8th amendment (ending the ban on abortions). I foolishly assumed that most women would be in favor of more control over their bodies.  I couldn’t have been more wrong with FirstDate#5. She also objected to the building of a Mosque in town. Although I’m an atheist, I had no problem with a Mosque close to my house. I saw most of that type of opposition as solely racist and anti-Muslim. After that, we didn’t chat for about a month.  She texted wanting to meet at the castle for tea/coffee, so we did.  We walked around the park, but didn’t get anywhere.  We messaged a couple more times about meeting again, but never did.  Each of us ghosting the other.
(Last Dated – 2018)