First Date #50 – How it started

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First Date #50 was with an Irish woman living in Kilkenny. We met while working together at the Watergate Theatre. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I’m not very good at instigating a date with people I know in real life. I met FirstDate50 on one of my first few nights working at the Watergate Theatre. I liked her looks, but then again, I like how many women look. Though I wasn’t about to ask her out without knowing what her situation was. It turned out that she was involved in a long term relationship. So, asking her out was off the table… for now. Over time, we struck up a friendship. She is incredibly shy and awkward, a bit more than even me, but it wasn’t off-putting. She was involved with social media and websites, so we had a lot in common there too. I even helped her a few times with tasks she didn’t know how to complete.

The date listed below is the date of our first kiss. I found it difficult to pinpoint a different date to use as I did not feel that the previous meetings were dates. We met in 2018, but she wasn’t even available to date me until that was over which was during COVID. And I didn’t know that relationship was over until 2021 anyhow. Sure we had coffee/tea meetups, but they felt like two friends getting together to chit chat. The date below reflects the clear change from friends to something more than friends.

Furthermore, the date listed below was the same day that I was supposed to have a phone call with FirstDate49, but she canceled on me. FirstDate50 and I had been hanging out and watching films together for a few weeks. Since romance with 49 was definitely over, I decided to see if watching movies with 50 could turn into a Netflix and Chill situation. I made a move on her, and it was appreciated.

Now this was a situation that could work out very well for both of us. She lived nearby, we had similar work, we were both nerdy and awkward, and the attraction was there for both of us. We set up a more traditional date for the following evening to see where this could go.

(First Date – 18 September, 2021)