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Matching with somebody is easy enough, but keeping those matches is the challenge.  One sure way to get an immediate unmatch from me is for your first message to only say “Hi”/”Hello”/or send me this GIF:

Bumble is my preferred dating app.  I really like that it allows the woman to make the first communication.  Along with a level of comfort it provides my match, it also gives them a chance to reread my well-written (IMHO, but that’s another topic) bio and send something relevant.  Preventing men from sending the first communication also avoids the immediate onslaught of dick picks 🍆 though those can still happen after the first message (especially since Bumble allows users to send pix to each other).  But successful matching is only buoyed by successful conversation.  Be funny, be relevant, be topical, be yourself, but don’t be the one that just sends “hi”.