I dare ya!

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When it comes to impressing women, I will be more daring than if I was just with the fellas. Women have talked me into jumping fences late at night, going on fast and/or high rides at the carnival, tasting weird smelling/looking food, and doing activities I would normally not do. There are limits to what I will do, but the limits go a bit higher when trying to impress my date.

When I moved to Ireland, a friend of mine from California came across to help me wrangle Brownie (my dog) and Linc (my cat) when we landed in Dublin. I fancied her, but she did not fancy me. Nevertheless, when she suggested that we scale a fence and climb an ancient tower in Kilkenny, I couldn’t say no.

I’d say I’m pretty good at Truth or Dare. I’m dumb enough to tell the truth and do the dares. I’m just wondering if there’s a woman out there that’s as daring as I am. 🤔