What do you drink?

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If your First Date is in a pub, what do you drink?  I’ve never liked Beer.  Honestly, wine is my drink of choice, but I’m not drinking that at a pub.  So, that leaves me with either Cider or Spirits.  Since I don’t want to come across as an alcoholic, I order a pint of Cider.

When I first arrived in Ireland, I would have only drank Bulmers.  But I’ve found that I can only drink about two of those before getting an acid stomach and regretting my decision.  If they’re available, I’ll order Orchard Thieves, Rockshore, or Outcider.

Recently with friends, I ordered a Cider, and was told that was a young ones drink.  Was I supposed to accept my fate and turn to the Black Stuff?  Meh, peer pressure has never worked on me.  Give me alcohol made from fruit instead of grains!