What’s normal and what’s weird?

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During lockdown, I matched with a woman that I had previously met around Kilkenny.  I was fairly excited to match with somebody local as we weren’t supposed to go further than 5KM at that point.  And this was a woman with whom I had previously had a pleasant conversation.  So, obviously I asked if she wanted to meet for a coffee…

“I think that might feel a bit weird.”


I’ve had conversations that didn’t go anywhere. I’ve had conversations with random people who had no intention of meeting with me (and vice versa). But trying to meet a fellow human for coffee during a pandemic that you’ve already previously met and should be pretty sure I’m not some fucking psycho, and that’s WEIRD?!? To this day, this interaction deeply upsets me, and I don’t know why. I mean, I am really fucking weird, ask anybody who has met me. But I don’t see how meeting for a coffee “might feel a bit weird”.

Anyhow, fuck her. Or not. Since we never met.