Why are you single?

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Admittedly, it’s not a good question, but it’ll get asked eventually.  So, you need to have thought it out and have a good response.  Your First Date might be blunt and just ask, “why are you single?”  Or they might ask in a round about way.  So, what is your reason for being single?  Nobody wants to hear about how your last partner sucked, or how there are no good men/women.  How do you address the issue without seeming to attack your last partner.  For me, that’s easy – I’m single because my wife died.  No bad break-up for me.  Unless you have a similar story, you have to paint yourself as a hero and your previous partner as a villain.  So, I always refer to my first marriage (that’s right married twice – typical Yank).  We split up because I didn’t want kids and she did.  She thought I’d change, but I didn’t.  That either makes me look good to some (convictions for the win) or terrible to others (no compromise).  But, it’s my truth and being honest is the best policy.

So, why ARE you single?