As inevitable as death and taxes

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My normal Wednesday post is to pontificate about how to improve your dating profile and give you my dating tips. Those pearls of wisdom will have to wait a week as I am a bit under the weather. Yes, the inevitability of testing positive for Covid-19 has happened.  Despite going on dozens of dates during a global pandemic, I had been pretty safe and lucky. Well, my luck ran out, ironically enough for this half-Irish man, during Paddy’s Day weekend.

What I will pontificate on is how masking, washing, distancing and vaccinating, had previously kept me free from positivity.  Even now all of those things are keeping my symptoms mild rather than severe. Unfortunately, since it was the first Paddy’s Day in three years, and only my second one since moving to Ireland in 2018, I threw caution to the wind. Meh – totally worth it. But, I’ll be back to being safe to hopefully get lucky in the future. 😉