Do you even know what an emoji is?

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A woman who matched with me on Bumble sent one of their handy dandy conversation starter questions. This writing prompt asks a question, and the writer leaves a response. The reader can’t see your response until they answer the question too. A sample of this is below:

And if the auto-generated question isn’t anything you want to ask, you can hit the refresh button and “Get a new question”. Or better yet, if you’re not completely brain-dead, you can “Type your own question”. Which brings us to Gemma. Either she 1) is new to Bumble and has no idea how to use it, 2) doesn’t know what an emoji is, 3) doesn’t know how to fix their mistakes, or 4) all of the above.

I am sympathetic to people making a mistake when learning something new. I am not sympathetic to people just letting their mistakes sit there like a big ol’ piece of 💩. She asked that question at 21:31. I didn’t respond until 8:32 the following morning. She had 11 hours to follow up with something more than this misstep. If she didn’t have time to fix it, I don’t have time for her.