First Date #40 – How it went

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FirstDate40 was fairly well educated and was easy to speak with. She spoke about her daughters a lot, but not too much. We spoke about American politics which is always a favorite topic for Irish people. She definitely ticked a few boxes, but there more boxes left unchecked. Over the next few days we continued to text each other. She asked if I would be interested in having her as a lady friend, though I do think she might have been interested in more. I told her that I would be happy to be her friend, but honestly, the distance between us and the ever present COVID kept us from getting together again.

As mentioned Dungarvan is a lovely town. And when you have a few hours to kill between First Dates, you find out all the town has to offer. One of the highlights was Churriosity – a churreria or churro shop! I was shocked to find that they had this sweet treat anywhere in Ireland. To be fair, they were Spanish churros, and I was used to Mexican churros, but they were lovely. These churros did not have nearly as much sugar as the ones I got in the states – specifically Disneyland.

Dungarvan also has a mall/shopping center with a fairly good selection of shops. It has a Dunnes, Starbucks and Eason book store which makes it about as good as Kilkenny’s MacDonagh Junction to be honest. Dungarvan Castle was first built in 1209 to safeguard the entrance to Dungarvan Harbor. Its polygonal shell keep is unusual for Ireland. Other than that, I walked along the quay until it was time for my next First Date.

(Last Dated – October 2020)