First Date #40 – How it started

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It had been 3 months since I had a first date, so I scheduled two on the same day! 😁 In fact, I had three dates scheduled in three days! It had been a disappointing summer. Obviously COVID had scuttled most plans to meet new people, but I was having difficulty meeting anybody nearby as well. It didn’t help that restaurants and pubs went through several different sets of restrictions during that period. There were even County specific restrictions. Still, I was unable to find women to date in Kilkenny. So, when I matched with a few women at the end of September, I hired a car and made the most of it!

First Date #40 was with an Irish woman living in Clonmel, County Tipperary. We matched on Bumble. Though she was in Clonmel, I suggested we meet for tea/coffee in Dungarvan. It’s a lovely town, and it just so happened that I was having dinner there that same evening with another woman. πŸ€ͺ As usual, I was there early and was waiting for her to arrive. Two things stood out when she emerged from the car – 1) she was taller than me, and 2) she was on a crutch. She told me that she had fell and injured her back earlier in the year and was using the crutch to help her walk. Any chances for a romantic walk around town were not likely, so I’d have to make the most of the conversation at the cafΓ©.

(First Date – 1 October, 2020)