First Date #15 – How it started

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First Date #15 was with an Italian woman living in County Galway. We matched on Tinder. Despite the fact that I’m depicting her as a witch, she is a beautiful woman. So, why a witch? She used that term for herself. In fact, one of her profile pictures was of Nanny Ogg – from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. Reading those books is one thing that we had in common. She also loves LEGO! This was looking promising.

As she lives in the west, and I live in the east, and neither of us had cars, we decided to meet right in the middle of the country in Athlone. I met her at the train station and we walked down to a café in the middle of town. We had a great chat and talked about meeting up again. I walked her back to the train station, gave her a kiss or two, and looked forward to our second date.

(First Date – 5 October, 2018)