First Date #15 – How it’s going

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As we both enjoyed the first date, we wanted to set up a second date, but distance was a bit of an issue.  She lives in Galway, and I live in Kilkenny, and neither of us had a car. However, since we were motivated we made it happen. About a month later we had our second date.  We each took the train into Dublin, met for lunch and then took the train back to Kilkenny. After we spent a lovely night together, she took the train back to Galway.  If you know how the trains work in Ireland, that was a long weekend on the trains.  She probably spent more time traveling than we spent together.  Nevertheless, we have stayed in touch ever since and have talked about a third date.  Unfortunately, the distance between us has been the biggest obstacle, though COVID-19 didn’t help either. Anyhow, it’s nice to have a witch on my side.

(Last Dated – November 2018)