First Date #30 – How it started

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First Date #30 was with an Irish woman living in Blessington, County Wicklow. We matched on Bumble. Blessington is a beautiful town, but it’s bit far away for somebody without a car. And it isn’t on a bus or train line either. So, after chatting for a bit, I suggested that we meet in Carlow. Carlow is closer to Kilkenny than Blessington, but she agreed that it would be a good meeting place. And it’s only two train stops away for me.

We met at a café that has since closed (most likely due to Covid reasons).  I got there a bit early and waited nearby for her to arrive. Up the road came a very well-dressed woman. I was fairly impressed by the cut of her jib. We sat inside, ordered drinks and began getting to know each other. Another detail about her that impressed me was her interest in Rugby. The 2019 World Cup was just around the corner, and I was hoping there was a potential to watch matches together. I let her know that I enjoyed watching most team sports in general, and I knew the basics of Rugby, but it would be nice to have somebody teach me the finer points of the sport. Throughout our meeting FirstDate30 was delightful. She was interesting, and she was interested in what I was saying. I looked forward to having a game watching buddy.

(First Date – 3 August, 2019)