First Date #35 – How it started

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First Date #35 was with an Irish woman living in Kerry. We matched on Bumble. She is a writer/editor and works at a university. To get to know each other, she showed me a picture of her black pussy, and I showed her a picture of mine.

Having Linc and Brownie around to help me flirt with the ladies is about the only thing they’re good for. But they’re extremely good at that, so I’m glad I have them around.

After a bit of flirty texts back and forth, we decided to meet. I have never been to Kerry, so I suggested we meet in Cork. She agreed, and we planned to get lunch at a place that had been recommended to me by a previous date. See? Even if I haven’t yet found love, I have found out more about Ireland than doing this all by myself! 😆

I took the bus down to Cork and met her at the pub. Although she admitted to being a bit nervous, the conversation over lunch went pretty well. We decided to stroll around town to see what trouble we could get into. She suggested going to a movie theatre, but I don’t think she was that interested in actually watching anything. We walked around until we found a pub that appealed to her and sat down at a booth that wasn’t all that private. While it was somewhat dark inside the pub, the booth had a big window looking out onto a fairly busy road. People could definitely see us, and we could see them. Despite this, she was clearly less nervous by this point. She had previously told me of an encounter she had with an Australian lad. In her best Ozzie accent, she squeaked, “you’re a top kisser!” So, I decided to see if I agreed with this unknown Ozzie lad. Turns out he was right. After enjoying her talents for a while, I looked at my watch and decided I had just enough time to catch the next bus back to Kilkenny. I walked her to her car, gave her one last kiss and ran the fastest (for me) 2KMs I’ve run in my fifties. I got to the bus as it was pulling away, and fortunately they stopped and let me on.

(First Date – 10 November, 2019)