First Date #36 – How it went

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I started messaging her on WhatsApp to see if there was any interest. She replied, “I don’t think I am the right one.” But she did say that friendship was on the table. And it might have been, but COVID-19 had other plans. Our last WhatsApp conversation was in early March 2020.

Paula Abdul sang “Opposites Attract”, but I’m a firm believer that things in common are most important in a good relationship. I will occasionally try something new to see if opposites attract, but it hasn’t happened so far. I will also meet up with somebody who isn’t necessarily “Drop Dead Gorgeous” in their dating profile pix.  For one, maybe they just take bad photos. Secondly, I am attracted to women for their inner as well as outer beauty. That being said, putting both of those together – totally opposite and not very attractive physically – it was never going to work with FirstDate36. Still, I got another day out in Dublin, and that’s always worth mentioning.

(Last Dated – January 2020)