How I Met Your Mother

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I only watched a couple of episodes of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. What I did see was funny, and maybe I’ll binge it someday. I am writing about it today, because I feel the concept of the show and the one for this blog are similar. While the show was firmly in our PRESENT, Ted Mosby was speaking to his children in the FUTURE about his PAST. In many ways, there should never have been any suspense as to whether or not a certain date Ted had would end up being the children’s mother. They already knew who their mother was, but the viewers were unaware – thus the suspense.

Well, I am writing my blog in the Present ABOUT First Dates I went on in the PAST. And sometime in the FUTURE, I will hopefully stop writing about going on First Dates as I will have found somebody, but there are no guarantees. Much like HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, the clue is in the title. It is called 50 FIRST DATES AT 50.  50 First Dates was NEVER a goal. I called it that because I have had at least 50 First Dates since I turned 50. I started in January with First Date #1, and we are now in the mid-30’s. Since I’m writing about two First Dates each week now, it will be about seven weeks (give or take) before I even possibly find the woman that will make me stop going on First Dates. I mean, I guess it is entirely possible that I continued going on First Dates after I found her, but I’m not a total psycho. I’m just psycho enough to tell my viewers this vital piece of information so they stop following my blog until mid-September or so. 🤪