First Date #43 – How it started

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First Date #43 was with an American woman living in County Kilkenny. We matched on Facebook. Who even knew Facebook was dipping their toe into the dating app pool? Well, this desperate widow did, and it was a mostly worthless pool of scammers and fake accounts. But FirstDate43 was a real American woman.

When we matched, we messaged each other about being Americans in Kilkenny. This was around Thanksgiving 2020, so we talked about that too. Ultimately, we decided to meet at the castle on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. She was a bit older than she looked in her profile pictures. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but one should always be as honest as possible in dating profiles. Anyhow, we took a long walk around the castle grounds. We talked about why we moved to Kilkenny. She was doing céilí dancing up near Castlecomer (about 20 minutes north of Kilkenny). I mentioned that I had done some of that since my first wife was an Irish Dance Teacher. It would be interesting to try again – once COVID was over. At the end of our walk, she asked if I wanted to keep in touch on Facebook – I said I would.

(First Date – 29 November, 2020)