First Date #43 – How it went

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I know that people appreciate the longer posts, but there’s just no point in delaying the inevitable with this one – it didn’t work out. It was never going to work out. Honestly, I was desperate to meet ANYBODY during that particular time of disease and famine (dating famine at least). And I was swiping like a maniac to see if there was any woman living in Ireland who would even meet with me. But once FirstDate43 arrived looking much older than her profile pictures, it just wasn’t going to happen.
I am not as shallow as some men. I will set up dates with women that don’t have the most amazing profile pictures. I realize that attraction isn’t only physical. Hell, most women wouldn’t date me if that was the case. But when I take a chance on a less than amazing profile picture and you arrive looking even less amazing than the fantasy you portrayed, well, you’d have to be quite charming, the most marvelous conversationalist and a fantastic kisser to boot. Needless to say, I didn’t even bother trying to find out if she was a good kisser.

(Last Dated – November 2020)