First Date #53 – How it started

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First Date #53 was with an Irish woman living in County Laois. We matched on Bumble. She was a widow, so we had that in common. We agreed to meet for caffeinated beverages at McDonagh Junction. It was December 2021, and holiday shopping was in full swing despite it being the second winter of COVID. Shops everywhere were packed, and the cafes were too. Fortunately, there is plenty of seating at McDonagh Junction.

She arrived looking well dressed for the holidays. She is older than me, but the way she carried herself was very attractive. We talked about losing our spouses, dating late in life and the holidays. She is a lovely woman, and I really enjoyed spending time with her. She mentioned something about Facebook, so I asked if I could add her as a friend. She accepted the request while we were chatting. She had some shopping to do, so I gave her a hug and bid her farewell.

(First Date – 5 December, 2021)