Would a vegan like my sausage?

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This post is a bit straight to the point – let’s talk about sex baby. Specifically, sex in relation to a person’s dietary habits. Does being a vegan have any bearing on sexual chemistry, performance, or passion? Does a meat eater make a better lover than a vegetarian? Would you date somebody who has very different thoughts on food than you do? Some religions have dietary restrictions – would you eat a ham sandwich in front of your Jewish or Muslim date?

Prior to reentering the dating scene in 2018, I had primarily dated omnivores. Both of my wives ate all types of food. My first girlfriend was Jewish, but she didn’t seem to keep Kosher. I remember dating a vegetarian in the early 90’s, and it was difficult finding a place where she wanted to eat. This was before I even considered that people wouldn’t eat meat, and it was also before the internet would help you find places to dine before you even left your house.

For those that don’t know what Veganism is, here is the definition from Wikipedia:

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals.

The first time I heard about it was 1995. I was at work, and some people were talking about what Vegans wouldn’t eat. When they said that vegans don’t eat honey because it is an animal product, I thought it was ridiculous. I understand that at the core, animals shouldn’t suffer just to feed and clothe us. But I still can’t understand how bees are enslaved by humans to produce honey for our consumption. Anyhow, my attitude towards vegans has softened over the years, but that’s a point that always makes me roll my eyes.

So, if somebody has “crazy” dietary habits, is that a red flag? For me, red flags are reserved for right-wing assholes, religious nuts, and people that are racist. If you’re not one of those, but you don’t eat meat, that’s not a deal breaker. I love food, and I love eating the food that I want to eat.  As long as I can do that, and not have to defend my eating habits, I will do the same for you. I will do my best to find acceptable restaurants. Even here in Ireland, there are wholly vegan restaurants, and most restaurants will have one or two vegetarian or vegan dishes. Honestly, I was surprised to find out how inclusive Irish restaurants have become. It’s not just steak and potatoes anymore.

Getting back to the questions about sex asked above – does what a person eat make a difference in their sex life? In my limited experience of dating people who don’t eat meat, I’d say no. Being vegan or vegetarian doesn’t necessarily make them a fussy eater. But I would say that fussy eaters are not as liberated in the bedroom. If you have to special order every meal at a restaurant, you might be a bit too selfish in the bedroom for me. If your salad dressing has to be on the side, what else needs to be on the side? In my experience, if you can be flexible with the menu choices and still have a great meal, you’re probably flexible in the bedroom – and probably a great meal too! 😉

For the past two years, I have chosen to give up meat one day of the week – Meatless Mondays. I consume plenty of meat the rest of the week, so giving it up for one day is a token gesture. I recognize that killing animals for food is not necessary, but I really like steak, bacon, hamburgers, tacos al pastor, etc. So, I have decided that eating roughly 17% less meat than I did prior to 2021 is my contribution to the cause. Also, I can’t ever see eating an entirely vegan diet as I really like cheese, milk and eggs. In fact, that is what I primarily ingest on Meatless Mondays. That being said, I have eaten plenty of vegan dishes, and most have tasted pretty good. Still, I will continue to devour meals with meat and animal byproducts for the foreseeable future.

Lastly, have you noticed that I sometimes have my LEGO figure hold a sausage? When I do, what does the woman hold? And what is the significance? Message me on twitter or Facebook if you have any ideas.