How do you pronounce eejit?

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There is a writing prompt on Hinge to help people understand how to pronounce your name.  For instance, Helena can be pronounced many different ways:
HEH-leh-na (German, Czech), heh-LEH-na (German), heh-LEH-nah (Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish), kheh-LEH-na (Polish), HEH-leh-nah (Finnish), HEHL-ə-nə (English), hə-LEEN-ə (English)

In the history of vocalized speech, I sincerely doubt that anybody has ever mispronounced Val. So, this means that this woman either:

  1. Thinks she’s being funny – she’s not.
  2. Thinks people are stupid – we’re not.
  3. Is wasting my time – she is.

Now normally I wouldn’t post somebody’s actual name, but unless you are Val or know a Val who thinks you don’t know how to pronounce their name, then this shouldn’t bother you.