How important is faith (or lack of it)?

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How important is faith (or lack of it) to you?  How important is it when looking for a partner?  Do those beliefs bring you together or further divide you?
Although a nickname that I fully embrace is Pope, I’m an atheist.  I grew up Catholic, but my views changed once I went away to University.  When looking for partners, their beliefs including faith, are very important to me.  Having faith isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker for me; however, I’ve found that my lack of faith is a deal-breaker for others.  I would say that a definite deal-breaker would be somebody who admired the Jizztrumpet.
I recently matched with a woman and was having good chats with her over the course of a week or two. She mentioned her weekend activities including going to church. I told her about my lack of faith and asked if that was a problem. She said it was, and we wished each other well.
What beliefs (your or theirs) are deal-breakers for you?