Where are you?

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Most dating apps request access to your location.  You can choose to “Always” give the app access to your location, “While Using the App” (which I usually choose), “Ask Next Time” or “Never”.  I don’t recommend “Never” unless you’re not serious about dating.  Bumble shows your current location according to access you’ve given to the app.  Hinge shows the neighborhood in which you live.  I kind of prefer the Hinge approach because I think it is more important for a match to LIVE near me rather than BE near me at that moment in time.  But the each have their benefits.

Do you know the difference between My Location and My Hometown?  I ask this because at least two Hinge users have though I still lived in California.  On Hinge, The Pinpoint Icon is where you live, and The Little House Icon is your Hometown (where you grew up).    On Bumble, it’s a bit more obvious as it says “Lives in Kilkenny” and “From Buena Park, CA”, though I still had people who thought I lived in California from that info. 🤦

After the second match wondered how they matched somebody living in California (they didn’t 🤦), I considered removing that visibility. But then I thought, if somebody doesn’t know the difference between Location and Hometown, they probably aren’t for me.