If I could have a superpower it’d be…

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This is a writing prompt on Bumble:

“If I could have a superpower it’d be…”

My response is:

“Super speed. Ask me why.”

If anybody actually reads my profile instead of just swiping on my incredibly handsome face, they might ask me why.  Here is my response:

“Super speed is like all of the super powers rolled into one.
Want to fly? Super speed gets you anywhere in the world in an instant.
Need to beat up a bad guy? Punch him super fast and you’ll knock him out before he can blink.
You don’t need to be bullet proof when you have super speed because you just avoid all of the bullets.
I’ve barely given this any thought, but super speed is the best. 🤪”

I’m clearly a nerd and accept that I’m not for everybody. I think it’s best for my match to know that straight away.