Which one is you?

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“Which one is you?” is a question your potential match should NEVER have to ask themselves.  Dating is almost always a solo activity, your dating profile pictures should show you by yourself.  This is especially so for your first picture – first impression.  If all of the best pictures of you are with your best friend, your family members, a famous person, whatever – crop them out of the shot.  Your first picture should be you and you alone.  If some of the rest include other people, at least your potential match will know which one is you in the picture.  And NEVER include pictures of young children.  It’s great that you’re a loving parent, and you should tell people that in your bio.  The photos that you share on your dating profile should tell the person, this is who is coming on the date.  Would you bring your children on a date with you?  If the answer is no, they shouldn’t be in your profile photos.  If the answer is yes, you need therapy.