Shopping for shoes and shit

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When it’s time to go shopping, I head to the mall – or the shopping centre as they call them here. The thing is Shopping Centre Rats just doesn’t have the same ring to it as Mall Rats, so… I’m always gonna call them malls.

Anyhow, sometimes you gotta go buy some shit. Sometimes it’s shoes, sometimes it’s a left-handed, nose-hair trimmer for “your friend”. Usually I’m at the mall for two reasons.

  1. That’s where the grocery  store is. Dunnes Stores is a retailer that sells food, clothes and household wares. It’s located in McDonagh Junction, which is a 7 minute walk from my house.
  2. I’m meeting for a First Date.

First Dates should happen in public places, and what better place to be in public than a mall. And it’s convenient too. After that refreshing beverage at the mega coffee company, you can pretend you’re walking back to the car while you’re really off to get a few things at TK Maxx (yeah, it’s TK not TJ here in Europe – weird innit?).

Back in the 80’s (so last century), I would go to the mall to people. OK, truth be told, it was simply girl watching. I wasn’t bold enough to put any moves on any of these girls. Years later, that hasn’t changed. I’m looking at women now, but I’m still not asking any of them out. Wouldn’t it be great if women who were interested in dating would walk around in public carrying signs to signify they’re available? And when you walk up to them, if they weren’t interested, they’d turn the sign around to say something like “Get lost creep!” Until then, I guess I’ll just keep swiping right.