First Date #48 – How it went

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After our caffeinated beverages, she showed me around Gorey. Over there was some house where she used to live, that building with the painted pig is where an older family member had a business, and around the corner from that was who gives a fuck? It was clear this wasn’t going anywhere. As usual for so many of my First Dates, the entirety of our relationship lasted as long as a walk through a small Irish town takes. Interestingly, she asked me for a lift! First of all, when you don’t own a car, that doesn’t happen very often. And secondly, we had just met. I guess my mild-mannered attitude didn’t set off any murder bells. I dropped her off closer to the beach and went my merry way.

It wasn’t a total loss. I drove up the coast from Gorey in County Wexford to Arklow in County Wicklow. And then after that, I took a leisurely drive through the Wicklow Mountains, into County Carlow and back to Kilkenny. All in all, it was a nice day.

(Last Dated – July 2021)