First Date #48 – How it started

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First Date #48 was with an Irish woman living in Gorey, County Wexford. We matched on Bumble. Our initial chatting back and forth was pleasant. She mentioned that she loved theatre and musicals. When she said that Rocky Horror Picture Show was her favorite musical, I knew I needed to meet her.

Though it was the second summer of COVID, restrictions weren’t entirely relaxed, and I wasn’t entirely relaxed. So, I looked for any opportunity to hire a car and meet somebody new. I had never been to Gorey before, so it was worth killing two birds with one stone. We met at one of the more popular chain coffee shops in Ireland that doesn’t have a mermaid mascot. There was outside seating, so that’s where we chose to sit.

During the conversation, she mentioned that one of her favorite activities was swimming in the sea. That seems to be extremely popular with women living along the coast, and especially so with tall blond women. It must be in their DNA going back to Viking times. She was tall, but fortunately, not taller than me (barely). We were getting along well enough that she recommended a quick tour of her town. Who was I to object to walking around with a Valkyrie?

(First Date – 14 July, 2021)