First Date #28 – How it’s going

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I’m not really sure this was our First Date, as I’m not really sure she ever meant it as a date. Part of me wants to believe that she was interested in me that way, but honestly, I never got any indication that any of our meetings were dates. And we hung out a bunch of times. In fact, during lockdown, FirstDate28 went out of her way to make sure I was ok on multiple occasions. We went walking together, she took me to get food for my pets, and when the country opened up a little, we went on hikes and to the movies. She gave me breathing/meditation advice which was very helpful and necessary during those stressful months. All of those things could have been done by a woman who fancied me. They could have also been done by a very good friend. Once again, I never made any moves on her. I liked hanging out with this beautiful woman, and although I wanted it to be more, I don’t think it ever really was.

Any hope I had was dashed one morning when I was walking Brownie through town. I ran into her with a very good looking man. Now, he could have been a cousin or a friend, but I knew right away that he was more than that. We went on another hike a week or two later, and I asked about him. Sure enough, they were dating. Though she has since moved to Kildare, she remains a very good friend. Ah well, my search for love continues…

(Last Dated – May 2021)