What’s your game?

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Do you play games with the people you date? And by games, I mean honest to goodness Board Games. One of the hobbies listed on my dating profile is Board Games. I love Board Games, and by that I mean I love MODERN Board Games. I do NOT love Monopoly, Clue(do), Scrabble, Uno, Risk, etc. I do love Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Dixit and so many more. In fact, every Wednesday Night, I host a Board Game Night at The Front Room in Kilkenny from 7PM.

When you’re a nerdy board gamer, and you tell a match that you play board games, you fear the next question, “Do you mean Monopoly?” I don’t blame people for not knowing about the games I love. They are a niche product like craft beers. There are giant producers of beer (Budweiser, Guinness, Heineken, etc.) and there are small craft beers (Yuengling, 805 and Mescan). You may never have heard of those small craft beers, but the people who drink them, love them. You may never have heard of Wingspan, 7 Wonders, Codenames, but the people who play them, love them.

I have been lucky enough to match with a few women who may not have been into games as much as I was, but they were willing to play them because they knew that was an activity I loved doing. In return, I made sure that I participated in something they liked doing – hiking, listening to music, visiting museums, etc. Heck, I liked doing most of those things anyhow. I think it’s important to have similar interests, and I think it’s important to take an interest in something your partner likes as well. I’ll know I’ve found the right woman when we both enjoy doing the other’s activities because we like spending time together no matter what we’re doing.