First Date #33 – How it started

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First Date #33 was with an Irish woman living in Kilkenny. We matched on Tinder. She had just moved from County Laois and was settling into her new home and life here. Part of that life was finding somebody to spend time with seemingly. After texting for about a week, we met up at the Yard House café. I really enjoy going there. The drinks and food are lovely, and it’s a nice place to sit, chat, people watch, listen to buskers, whatever. We talked about being new to Kilkenny. I had been there almost a year and a half by that time, but all of Ireland still felt new to me. We had the normal transactional conversation – what we do, what we’re looking for, how our journey has been so far. She is a hypnotherapist which I found interesting. I’ve tried it in the past, but I’ve never gonna fully “under”, so I didn’t feel I had any positive results. But maybe it would be different with her? Anyhow, we didn’t go down that road in our first meeting.

I mentioned that I was meeting people on They have dinner events, coffee meetups, and I even host game nights with them. As she was new to the city, she said she would join and see what happened. One way or another we would see each other again.

(First Date – 24 September, 2019)